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Is it normal to have blurry vision when adapting to RGP lenses?

I just got my RGP lenses fitted last Friday. After the doctor put them into my eyes , the vision seemed to be very clear, but when I took them out and cleaned and soaked them and inserted them on Saturday they seemed to be slightly blurry, is this normal?
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  • walkercub76


    Yes. It is normal to get blurry vision when adapting to RGP lenses. It does take some time for some people to get used to RGP lenses. You may adjust your prescription to see clearly when you wear RGP lenses. It usually takes a few weeks to get the normal vision.
  • Danai P.


    Maybe it is caused by less tear production because RGP lenses tend to repel water. So people who have poor tear quality may get blurry vision when they wear GRP lenses. However, people with adequate tear production won't suffer this problem. So you'd better try a soft contact lens instead.
  • Michelle


    You'd better go back to your doctor to have them re-checked. Maybe you have got the wrong prescription of RGP lenses. Wrong prescription often causes blurry vision. Or it might be caused by other factors. Whatever it is, the best way is to see your doctor again.