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Dylan duncan


How to get colored contact lenses without doctor's prescription?

I want some colored contact lenses, but I don't want to pay for an eye exam to get a prescription. How can I get them without the doctor's prescription?
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  • Brandi


    I am copying and pasting my answer to someone else about this. GET THE SCRIPT. PLEASE!!! :)

    I always thought that people who said it was dangerous to wear contacts that were not fitted for you were stupid overcautious know it all's. WRONG! They are RIGHT.
    Shops sell all sorts of contacts where I live that are samples. From every brand you have ever heard of- and they are GREAT quality, never tear, authentic contact lenses. I was not a frequent lens wearer, either. I would only wear them went I went out to a club or a bar, which was MAX 2 times a week. I had no trouble inserting them, touching my eye does not bother me. I always had allergies in my eyes, so I was used to my fingers being in my eye. :) But I could even put them in without a mirror. There was NO indication that there was ever going to be ANY problems.

    What I did not know was that even though they did not feel scratchy or even irritating, they were causing long term damage. I have recurrent giant papillary conjunctivitis due to the wrong size contacts. At the time I discontinued wearing the lenses, I had developed a very deep corneal ulcer due to erosion to the corneal epithelium from the contacts moving the TINIEST amount when I blinked - I did not even feel it when it was happening. Days after they came out, it felt a little scratchy, and the visit to the eye doc was after I had "allergies and scratchy eyes" for three days. Nope, not allergies. It was the contacts I had worn four days before.

    To this day my vision is still affected. I NEVER thought that - AT MAXIMUM - 5 hours a night for two nights a week would do this. I got fitted for contacts and never had the problem again. Due to the scarring from the ulcer, though, I really cannot wear lenses any more. (more fear on my part than doctors orders) I have very deep brown eyes with little to no depth, and I HATE them, but not enough to go blind over.

    Spend the $90 and get fitted. The drops for giant papillary conjunctivitis are $220. The drops for the bacterial infection are $75 and the steroid drops are $140. The eye doc visit was $90 and the sample lenses were $19. I could have spent $90 for a contact fitting exam instead and $30 on 6 pair of lenses and never had to go through that mess. $120 sounds a lot better than $500 , eh? :)

    I am one of "those" people that nothing bad ever happens to. Lucky as ANYTHING. But this is a gamble that does not pay. I could happen? No-it will and it did to me. LOL Listen to everyone. Get the right kind.
  • eisenstiefel


    Do you mean you want buy non prescription colored contact lenses? If you have a good vision and needn't vision correction, you can buy non prescription colored contact lenses (0.00 power lenses) directly from optical shops. Of course, if you need vision aids, i am afraid you have to get an eye exam so that to get prescription from eye doctors, thus to buy prescription colored contact lenses.
  • christ_band04


    You can't get colored contact lenses without doctor's prescription. It is illegal to get contact lenses without a prescription. Even if you don't need prescription contacts to correct your vision, a prescription is required for all contact lenses, including the colored contact lenses.
  • Zachary garcia


    Even if you don't need prescription lenses to correct your vision, you should always have a prescription when you go to buy contact lenses, including the colored contact lenses becasue the contact lenses should be prescribled to your eyes properly. No optician will sell your colored contact lenses if you don't have a prescription.
  • Steven


    I agree that getting regular eye exams makes sense from a health perspective. All online retailers here in the USA need validate each prescription before they can ship an order. I searched more online and found a few Canadian contact lens stores that are not required to validate the prescription based on their Canadian laws. I ended up getting my contacts online with no prescription from

    Hope this helps...
  • Rebecca


    Do not play around with your eyes. Contact lenses are a kind of medical device, prescription written by a qualified eye care professional is a must and the contacts can not be sold out to customers without prescription. However, I also saw that contacts are sold in the flea market, gas station, beauty salons and novelty shops without prescription, it is illegal. Please keep in mind that safety is most important.
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