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Can I get contact for reading?

I am presbyopia and have reading problems but I don't like the apperance of reading glasses, is it possible to get contacts for reading?
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  • Trinity hill


    Yes. You can use contact lenses for reading. I would recommend bifocal contacts for you. Bifocal contacts usually have two parts of prescription, one is for distant vision and the other is for reading. However, they can also be made with a plano prescription for distance vision and a corrective prescription for reading if you only need them for reading.
  • Mark


    If you also have vision problem for distant, I think you can get contacts for reading. For example, bifocal contacts and progressive contact lenses would be better for you if you need contacts for reading. However, if you don't need corrective prescription for distant, then there would be no contacts for you. You still need reading glasses to help you see better when reading.
  • erinpoo130


    Bifocal contacts would help your reading. However, if you don't have trouble seeing far, you may get blurry vision when you view distant because they have prescription for distant, too. So I think you'd better choose reading glasses for your reading.
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