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How much does an eye exam cost in Walmart?

I think I need an eye exam now for it has been 2 years since my last eye exam. Can you tell me how much it costs in Walmart?
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  • Pete


    Well, Walmart Vison Centers are the kind of places where you can get relatively cheaper eye exams. Unlike in Lenscrafters, Pearle and JCPenney where an eye exam can cost up to 100 dollars, an eye exam at Walmart usually cost only 50 dollars. That's why all my family members go there to have our eyes examined all the time. Plus, they have pretty neat services, too. So, you definitely won't regret going there.
  • cocreative


    Speaking of having eye text in local optical shop such as Lenscrafters,Pearle and JCPenney, The cost of having eye exam in Walmart Vision Center is relative relatively cheap. The Walmart eye exam cost on average is about $50.
  • elmos_world_05


    Taking an eye exam in Walmart Vision Center won't cost you so much. Walmart is one of the lowest place to take an eye exam. The average cost of an eye exam in Walmart is about $50. I often go to take an eye exam in walmart, too.
  • Joshua?


    Guys, if you just a basic eyeglass exam in Walmat, it will cost you about $50. But there is an extra $15 you need to pay. If you want to have a contact Lens exam, it will cost you about $89. Generally speaking, the price is cheaper than eye exams in other places. And the price of the eyeglass frames varies from $9 to $100.
  • Anthony gary


    I just had an eye exam in walmat last Friday. It cost me more than $80. It is more expensive than the guys mentioned above. But compared with other optometrists, it is still much cheaper. I am quite satisfied with their service. The price of the frames varies from $18 to $70. Some kinds of frames may over $100. But I think you can choose a pair of cheap frames for they are very beautiful. Hope this helped!
  • chosen_cookie


    The price of an eye exam in walmart varies from $40-$50. It totally depends on where the vision center is located. But compared with other stores, it will cost less to have an eye exam in walmart. I don't know whether there are some activities will hold by walmat, if you can find some activity such as celebrations, you can take part in and save your money at that time. Good luck!
  • Brittany green


    If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you will need to bring them along so that the optician can see what prescription you currently have. In most cases, you can expect the examination and fitting process to take less than an hour. Once the optician has examined your eyes, he or she will provide you with a prescription for contact lenses or glasses if required. Although these items can usually be purchased online as well, the Walmart eye exam cost and prescription will usually be substantially lower than those of many other places. However, your Walmart eye exam cost will usually range between the $50 and $90 mark. Contact lens wearers will normally pay a slightly higher price.

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