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How long does it take to get glasses from shopko?

Before i buy any glasses at shopko, i want to know how long it will come in.
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  • garcia


    Well, we have to admt that your strategy of purchase is pretty wise,since there are a lot of untrustworthy glasses store in the market. Typically they will pretend to be really credible and something like that. So, as far as I know, Shopko enjoys high reputation for producing quality glasses and delivery goods on time. So, you can ease your mind here. It usually takes about 2 week before you finally get what you ordered.
  • Saarah


    You will need to wait for only four days after you order the new pair of eyeglasses from shopko. The speed is fast, yeah? It is really a good place to buy the eyeglasses because of the good service and high quality.You just wait for a while and be patient.