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Lynn Sherrill


How long after eye infection can i wear contact lenses?

I got eye infection. But it is cured three days ago. So, Can i wear contact lenses right now? Or how long after eye infection can i wear contact lenses?
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  • walkietalkie131


    Though your infection of eyes is cured for some days, you had better not wear the contact lenses right now. Furthermore, for the old contacts, we suggest you do not to wear it again, because the lenses may attach some virus or bacterial. It is hard to disinfect totally to the contact lenses. If you are the bacterial conjunctivitis, you can wear the contacts again for some time. However, for the viral conjuncitivitis, you would better never wear contacts again and change to wear frame eyeglasses. Your eyes must be relaxed for over half years before to wear the contacts again. You need eat some nutrients to your eyes such as vegetables and fruits. Artificial tears will useful when you feel dry eyes. For the sake of your healthy eyes, we suggest use frame eyeglasses at most of the time that more than the using of contacts, especially after eye infection.
  • David Safir


    Well, it is good to see you recovered from your previous eye infection, so it is quite successful huh? Anyway, you should know that your eyes are just recovered and still need some time to rest before touching those contact lenses, which might lead to another infection again. Anyway, here my advice for you is to wait another week before you try those contact lenses, ok? Just be more careful from this point.
  • Samuel hill


    You'd better wait for another days after you have cured the eye infection in case of the again coming bacterium. When you wear the contact lenses, your eyes may feel easily dry. You'd better keep notice of the hygiene. In addition, you'd better keep on preventing the eye infection which will make your eyes feel uncomfortable.

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