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Why is hand eye coordination important for children?

I heard that hand eye coordination is very important for children. Can you tell me why?
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  • Jean


    It seems that you are quite concerned about the development of the kids. So, as a matter of fact, it is true that hand eye coordination is of vital importance to a kid during his youth. Because it would both benefit his mind and physical strength. Anyway, there are various ways to achieve this purpose, such as outdoor sports, physical exercises, even video games. You may get more information from a consultant I suppose.
  • elderoo


    Yes, the hand eye coordination is very important for children because the children are in the state of the developed state. Their hands are not that flexible. The hand eye coordination is the coordinated control between the eye movement and hand movement by processing of visual input to guide the hands which reach and grasp the things. At the same time, the use of hands will guide the use of the eyes. In the eye-hand coordination, it involves the coordinated vision and hand movement to finish a process. There are many activities for you to use to improve your eyes and hands movements. You could play the computers or read music or play games in sports to exercise your reaction between hands and eyes. As we know, children will be weak at the visual side and the hands movement. By doing such thing can the children be flexible at the whole body movement. It is very necessary for them.