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What is the best way to clean anti glare glasses?

How to clean a pair of anti glare glasses? Any idea?
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  • Jordyn adams


    The best way to clean the anti glare glasses are to bring them into the washing machine in the real stores of the eyeglasses. There will be the professional solution in the washing machine. The eyeglasses will be washed automatically in the machine. The lenses will be cleaned so clear with no scratch. At the same time, the bacterium on the surface of the lenses will be cleaned off.
  • Charles Joseph


    Well, it is good for you to have got yourself a pair of anti glare glasses because it is helpful for you to protect against those harmful glares and strong lights. Anyway, these glasses have fragile lenses which need more care and a lot of attention if you want to keep them as normal as usual. If you want to clean them, I recommend you try to use some special cleaning liquid with a piece of silk cloth.
  • Jing


    Washing the Lenses, once the running water has washed away the bulk of the debris, it is possible to clean the lenses with soap. Hand soap or liquid soap diluted in water is ideal.
    Rinse the Glasses, after rubbing the lenses, it is essential to wash all the soapy water away. Soap residue left on the lenses may impair vision. The easiest way to make sure the lenses are free of soap is to rinse them with more water, and then gently shake off the excess.
    Dry the glasses. it is important to dry the lenses after cleaning. This prevents water spots. Simply wipe away any water using a lint-free cloth.