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Where can i buy hello kitty sunglasses?

I want to buy sunglasses for my daughter and i am thinking about hello kitty sunglasses. Do you know some good places that i can get hello kitty sunglasses? Thanks.
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  • Michelle leonard


    The hello kitty sunglasses are so cute. You could buy them from the online stores, such as the Walmart, Visionwork and Costco. The price there will be cheaper than those in the franchise stores. You could go and have a look. However, you should keep in mind that not let your kid wear the sunglasses for a long time which is bad for the eyes.
  • William clive


    It is really difficult to search hello kitty sunglasses out. I search a lot of websites but without luck. Finally, i find some at Here is the sites: Hope you can find one which you like. Good luck.
  • Victor


    This is a hello kitty sunglasses wholesale shop especially for kids. You can have many choices as it has different kinds of hello kitty sunglasses. With good quality and low price, it attracted more people from the word. These sunglasses are very lovely, and they are made with best material, it also catch the forefront of the times in 2012. Except that, most of these hello kitty sunglasses are free shipping and get promoted. Therefore, it is the best choice for you!
  • Jacob adams


    It's so sweet of you.Here is the suggestion ,there are a lot of kitty sunglasses on Ebay and Amazon,you can visit them then insert "kitty glasses"in the blank,then there will be amount of glasses listed,then you can choose whatever you like. But if you don't like buying goods online,you can go to hello kitty real store, that's a paradise of kitty stuff which are all high-quality thing.Besides ,you can take your daughter to Disneyland,you can enjoy a nice day there then buy a kitty glasses there as a souvenir.There has to be plenty of kitty stuff there,I have seen them once. What's more, if you want to make that special, you can ask glasses store for help,just ask them to make a unique one for your daughter.They would ask the supplier for help if they can't do that them own.