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Shelby rodney


Can herpes cause eye swelling?

Can herpes cause eye swelling? Why does that happen? Do you know what you should do to improve this situation?
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  • Christian george


    Yes, herpes can cause eye swelling. Eye herpes is an inflammation of the cornea caused by the type 1 herpes simplex virus. It can produce painful sores on the eyelid or eye surface and lead to the eyelid swelling. To get rid of eye herpes, you should be sure which part of your eyes has suffered from the infection so that you can receive relevant effective treatment. If the eye herpes is superficial, you can take some antiviral eye drops or ointments, or oral antiviral pills to alleviate your symptoms. You can ask an eye doctor to help eliminate the infected cells and apply a patch so that the cornea can heal. If the case is serious, it should be treated with corticosteroid drops. Wish you recover soon.
  • Isabelle duncan


    Herpes are caused by the infection of viruses, which can lead to red and swollen skin as well as hot and aching feeling. People who get herpes should go to the hospital as soon as possible to get anti-virus transfusion in case that the condition gets worse. If the viruses infect the eyes, it will cause eye swelling. You should pay attention to your personal eye hygiene and get adequate rest and sleep. Do not eat irritative foods such as spicy dishes, alcohos, and do not smoke. You should eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement much vitamins and minerals to enhance your immunity.