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How can i remove red veins from the white-eye area?

There are some red veins on the white part of my eyes. What can i do to get rid of these red veins. Any good idea?
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  • Zoe


    I have suffered from that once before and I do have effective solutions. The red veins in the white part of you eyes is bloodshot reflection in fact. It means there are blood cumulating under the conjunctiva. When you remove the blood, red veins will disappear naturally. For the first two or three days, press your eyes will ice cubic. It will help the blood capillaries to contract and they will stop bleeding. Then press your eyes with warm towel for the next few days. It accelerates the blood circulation around the eyes and the running blood will take the cumulated blood away so that red veins will disappear. It is said that it will take one week for all the red veins to disappear. But for me, it is just four days. Don't rub your eyes often otherwise it will break the capillaries and red veins will come out again.
  • Michael?


    Blood vessels are normal on the white of the eye, and necessary to nourish the tissues. The vessels can become enlarged and more visible due to allergies, irritation, dryness, infection and so on. Mover, the white portion of your eye is covered with a thin membrane. This membrane is where the red veins reside. So surgery is a viable option, although most people find the thought of a membrane being removed from their eyes a little unsettling. A topical and local anesthetic is used, and the surgery is painless. The procedure takes between 15 and 20 minutes to perform per eye. In this procedure, the membrane is removed, and a clear, new membrane grows in its place. An anti-scarring agent is used to help the eye and its new membrane heal.
  • manny


    According to statistics, 80% of information that we received are by eyes. How important they are! We must take care of them. Some say there are red veins in the eyes. What cause it? How can we do? What cause it? Originally, there are some tiny blood vessels in eyes. But when you have not enough sleep, the vessel would be visible. Eyestrain and inflammation can break the vessels. How can we do? 1. Adequate sleep can lubricate eyeballs and reduce red vein. 2. Eye drops can treat inflammation. 3. Have your eyes rest after a period of time. 4. Tea bath and cold compress make your eyes calm down. 5. Have more fresh vegs and fruits.
  • walkaboutpnw


    It is very common to get red veins from white eye area. And red eyes occurs when there are blood vessels near the surface of the eye become dilated and enlarged. It can be caused by lacking of good sleep, eye tired as well as get eye infections. So, if you want to remove the red vein from the white eye area, you shall first make sure what caused the red eyes. If you just eye tiered, you can get yourself a good rest. If you got eye infection, you may need to get some prescribed medicine from eye doctor if you want to remove it soon.
  • Mark Burns


    When there exists the red veins in your white part of eyes, you must have got infection in the eyes. And you may use the eyes for a long time before the computers or tv. You should better use the eye drops to release the symptom and have a good rest for the eyes. If the red veins increase, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a check.