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How to deal with dry eyes caused by swimming?

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  • vince


    You can use eye drops before and after you get out of the pool, and get goggles as soon as possible... Chlorine is tough on your eyes! Also, back when I did club swim, the coaches had us swim with no goggles and our eyes closed. It didn't make sense at the time, but it definitely made us more aware in the water.
  • Andrea warren


    As we all know that swimmers frequently complain of new onset or worsening of dry eye syndrome symptoms. Pool chemicals can interfere with the normal stability of the tear film, causing faster evaporation of tears from the eye and loss of the aqueous, or watery, layer of the tear film, causing the remaining tears to be thicker and poor lubrication for the eye. Goggles can help minimize exposure to these chemicals and improve tear film stability. Patients suffering from dry eye syndrome can use artificial teardrops prior to putting on their goggles as a prophylactic measure, giving their eyes an extra layer of protection. Staying well hydrated prior to a swim is also essential, as this helps maintain the aqueous layer of the tear film. Swimmers with severe dry eye syndrome should see an ophthalmologist as prescription drops are also available to alleviate symptoms.
  • Sara scott


    the most sensible ways to protect against dry eye caused by swimming and surfing are to wear eye and sun protection and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and more on days that you swim, and make sure your tear film is healthy and hydrated immediately before going into the sun or entering the water, and immediately after leaving the water.

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