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Heather Kirk


Is eye twitching caused by pituitary tumor/cyst ?

I heard people said that pituitary tumor/cyst can cause eye twitching. It sounds horrible. Because i often suffered from eye twitching. Is it a sign of pituitary tumor/cyst?
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  • Cammie


    I searched online, There are people said that it is possible to get eye twitching from pituitary tumor/cyst. And maybe eye doctors can explain it to you. But you really needn't worry about it. In fact, eye twitching is a very common eye problems that may occurs to everyone. I also suffered from eye twitching sometimes. And the most common causes of it is tiredness. So, you needn't treatments. Taking a good rest, eye twitching can go away themselves.
  • Brandon cook


    I never heard that eye twitching can be caused by pituitary tumor/cyst. In fact, eye twitching is very common. It is a sign that you are fatigue. So, just stop your work and take a break, It will be Ok after a while. Also, some people also got eye twitching from cold, stress and too much alcohol consumption. So, don't worry. Or, you can consult an eye doctor.

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