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Daniel gerard


What are clear blob on my eyeball?

I noticed a clear blob on my eyeball. What is it? Is it a sign of serious eye diseases? Any idea? Please help
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  • Jose joyce


    it sounds like conjunctival cyst. But this problem is caused by subtle injury or vigourous rubbing of the eyes. So, you can check yourself if you are suffered from conjunctival cyst. If you suffered from conjunctival cyst, you can use eye drops ( available OTC ) to help the eyes. If your clear blob are very serious, you shall go to see a ophthalmologist. Hope you will be OK soon.
  • eeelisa814


    You need an eye examination instead of ask question here. From your description, it look like eye floaters of your retina. Do you have vision problems? Are you feel pain in the eyes? And eye floaters usually are harmless and painless and often occurs to people with vision problems. But they are bothersome that affect the way of your vision. And they can come and go themselves.

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