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How much do foster grant sunglasses cost? Where to get them?

Have you bought foster grant sunglasses? If so, can you tell me how much should o prepare if i want to buy one? And where can i get real foster grant sunglasses? I don't want fake one.
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  • Jade scott


    If you want to get the real foster grant sunglasses, I suggest you to go to the franchise store which will prove the quality. But the price may be higher than those in the online store. The price is around $ 140. You can base on your own favors to choose the type you like.
  • Melissa


    Foster grant sunglasses are not expensive. It cost about 20 dollars to get a pair. Even the most expensive pair costs less than 30 dollars. You can get real foster grant sunglasses in online shop of foster grant official website. Also, addresses of foster grant stores is list in the website and you get find witch one is accessible for you.
  • Barbara Mellon


    It is not expensive to buy a pair of foster grant sunglasses. I saw some of them at are started at $9.99. Besides, I also find some Foster Grant sunglasses are sold at $19.99 on And they are at $29.99 at Bass pro Shops. You can try and search it online to get it at affordable prices. Good luck.