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Theresa M


What are benefits of flaxseed oil for eyes?

Are flaxseed oil good for our eyes. What benefits can we get from taking flaxseed oil? Your answer will be appreciated.
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  • Dylan duncan


    Flaxseed oil contains plenty of dietary fiber. Because of this, taking flaxseed oil reduces the incidence of constipation as well as that of hemorrhoids. Taking flaxseed oil can soothe intestinal inflammation, and may help reverse damage done to the intestinal tract by diseases such as irritable bowel. Flaxseed oil may also prevent gallstones and dissolve any gallstones that are already present.
  • hand_to_mouth


    Yes, the flaxseed oil are good for our eyes. The DHA and EPA metabolized by the omeiga (omega) -three fatty acids from flaxseed oil in the human body are very helpful for our eyes. The DHA and EPA accounts for about 40% in the eyes effective nutrition of the retina lipid.The flaxseed oil can better change the materials into DHA and EPA needed by eyes. Thus, if you stand in front of computers for a long time every day, you may use the flaxseed oil to help you release the tired eyes.
  • walking_poeticx


    Yes, flaxseed oil is good for human eyes. Food and Drug Administration of United States have researched and proved 13 benefits of flaxseed oil to human body. Among that, the benefit it does to human eyes is included. The most helpful element of flaxseed oil is α-linolenic acid. It has been proved that when human body lacks α-linolenic acid, it will take longer for retina to recover from reflect reaction, and the eyesight will turn bad. But α-linolenic acid is quite rare in our daily food. Nowadays, common edible oil contains much more fat and less α-linolenic acid than needed. It leads to the imbalance of human body. Flaxseed oil could mend the imbalance effectively. It contains more α-linolenic acid and less fat. Besides to supplement α-linolenic acid so as to improve human vision, it also helps about losing weight and blood fat and so on. In general, flaxseed oil is quite healthy.