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neva taylor


What is the best sunglasses for men with a shaved head?

I am looking for some cool sunglasses. But i have a shaved head. So, what sunglasses are the best choices for me?
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  • cowboyfrom666


    It is easy to pick up sunglasses for men. Usually, the shaved head can't affect the choices of sunglasses too much.Personally, i think shaved head men will be look cool with a pair of deep black sunglasses. As the shape of the sunglasses, you shall refers to your face shape. Usually, you shall choose the contrast frame shape to your face shape. For example, if you have a round faces, you can choose square sunglasses or rectangular sunglasses.
  • Justin williams


    The main function of sunglasses is to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays, we know that ultraviolet rays is really harmful for our eyes, especially in the hot summer. However, if we choose suitable sunglass, it can also make you look cool and handsome. To choose the best sunglasses for the men with a shaved head, you shall take your feature, your personal clad style, the color of your skin and your hair style into consideration. Generally speaking, the best sunglasses for men with a shaved head are that kind of sunglasses with bright color and full frame sunglasses frame. However, if you really want to know is the best sunglasses for you with a shaved head, you should go to the shopping center to have a try, at that time you can really know what is the best.
  • charger101


    In my opinion, the best eyeglass frames for your face has less to do with whether or not your head is shaved than the general shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, you should try square or angular eyeglass frames and avoid round frames. In other words, it all depends on your face not your head. So it's not necessary for you to worry about it. Just choose a right eyeglass. Shaving your head. However, changes the way your face looks and the way your eyes, nose and mouth appear in proportion to one another. Your face shape may also be easier to distinguish without your hair in the way, making it more important to choose frames that suit your face shape. Anyway, you'd better get a suggestion from a professional person.

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