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How to do makeup while wearing contact lenses?

This is the first time for me to wear contact lenses. I am going to take a party. But the trouble is how to make up my eyes while wearing contact lenses? I feel it hard to do makeup. Any idea?
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  • walkinginlight


    You can still makeup yourself with contact lenses. Since the contact lenses need put into eyes, they won't change your outlook. So, you can makeup yourself as usual. But you shall remember that wearing contact lenses first before you makeup your eyes. Then, you can use eye liner and mascara as well as shadows.
  • Susan Wright


    Well, I quite understand your anxiety over this matter. As far as I know, you should try to get your hands clean and make sure your contact lenses are well taken care of, then try to put in your contact lenses before you make up your eyes. Because this could lower the risk of infecting your eyes , for eye makeups may result in infections or red eyes. Maybe you should close your eyes when you are going to make up your eyes after putting in your lenses. Just try to be careful.
  • Kendra Dickson


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