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Why do eyes turn red after drinking alcohol?

I just took some alcohol with my friends. Now, i find my eyes are red. Why? Will drinking alcohol cause red eyes?
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  • crazycowgirl89


    After you drink alcohol, it causes the tiny blood vessels on the surface of the eye, called the sclera, to become dilated and inflamed, resulting in bloodshot eyes. So you will feel hot in your eyes after drinking. Besides, you should know that heavy drinking depletes the body of the nutrients needed for eye health and consequently can lead to a condition know as alcoholic optic neuritis. This can impair eyesight and, in time, lead to blindness. And for the brain, in the short term, heavy drinking depletes the body of vitamin B1, causing a lack of concentration and poor memory. In the longer term, it can kill off brain and nerve cells leading to memory loss, confusion and reduced co-ordination. It can also shrink the brain, which increases the risk of epileptic fits, and make cerebral blood vessels more likely to rupture and hemorrhage. In other words, drinking alcohol will not only damage your eyes and brain ,but also do harm to your other organ like mouth ,teeth ,heart ,skin and so on. So you'd better control it for your body's health.
  • Mya


    It is normal that eyes appear red after drinking alcohol. Since the drinking of alcohol is processed by liver, it will cause bloodshot eyes that make your eyes look red. Besides, drinking too much alcohol can also cause headaches and flushed cheeks. Anyway, you don't worry too much. The redness of the eyes will disappear after good rest.
  • exxxtazzzy


    Alcohol can increase the blood circulation. So after drinking alcohol, the blood vessels around your eyes will dilate, which causes red eyes. And the alcohol will stay in your liver and be digested slowly. But some people have high metabolic rate of alcohol, so they will not suffer red eyes. However, other people cannot resolve the alcohol finely in short time because they are lack of some enzymes. These people will suffer red eyes easily.
  • Riley eddy


    It is because of the irritative impact of the alcohol. After drinking alcohol, one's eyes are easy to be congested and turn red. As we know, most people will get red in the face after drinking. The root is acetaldehyde which can lead to angiotelectasis. Similarly, after drinking alcohol, the drinker's retinal telangiectasis may cause one's eye to turn red and even eye bloodshot. For this condition, you are suggested to have an enough sleep and try not to drink too much wine. Besides, you can drink some strong green tea or vinegar to prevent the alcoholism. After all, your health is quiet important for you and the whole of your families.
  • baker


    My uncle is a heavy drunker. Every time he visits us he will drink a lot of wine. And then he will wear the bloodshot eyes for the whole afternoon. I think maybe the alcohol make him excited and increase the circulation of blood around his body. so we see blood vessels in his eyes because the skin in this part is more thin and some parts of the eyeball is transparent so we can see dilated vessels clearly. Or the whites of our eyes just can be an apparent comparison to the red blood that's why we see apparent redness in his eyes. But I suggest you to drink a cup of tea after drinking. Or you can eat some fruits too. This will help you to refresh your mind quickly and make you feel better.
  • Lida


    Your eyes turn red because alcohol cause small blood vessels on the surface of the eye to become dilated and inflamed, resulting in bloodshot eyes. It also does this to all the blood vessels including those in the face which is why you can also look flushed. But consuming alcohol every once in a while will not have any real negative effects on your eyes. Everything in moderation, right? If you drink a little here and there, there may be some temporary effects such as dizziness and blurry vision, depending on how much alcohol you consume and how high your tolerance is. But any effects you feel while drinking will most likely go away, especially if you are not a heavy drinker.On the other hand, if you drink heavily or often, you are at a much higher risk for short term changes in your vision as well as permanent damage. The more you drink in one sitting, the more likely it is that you will have blurry vision and you should know your own limits. You need to be aware of how much alcohol you can handle and make sure you stay within that limit. You should also monitor how often you drink to your own personal limit (or over it).

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