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Alexa joyce


How much do disposable contact lenses cost?

I hate wearing glasses. Now I want to switch to contact lenses. I prefer disposable contact lenses. How much do they cost? Are they expensive? Where can I get disposable contact lenses for a good price?
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  • Luis


    The cost of disposable contact lenses are different from each shop and each brands. If you want to get it at cheap prices, searching it online will be an good option. But the prices still different. i saw the disposable contacts are started at $ 54.9 at . But the lenses are started at $ 8 at
  • eisenstiefel


    Well, there are different kinds of disposable contact lenses, such as daily, monthly ones. For example, you can buy them at For the prices, it will just cost from 10 dollars to 50 dollars. Anyway, it all depends on your own choice. Also, some one-day contacts are hydrophilic contacts and are not intended on being used for more than 8 hours of continuous wearing time. So just pay more attention to it. Or they can be harm to your eyes, for they are not designed to hold up to multiple wears, repel particles. And what is more, they are not stored in the solution, so they can be invaded by the bacteria. Anyway, just be careful about it.

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