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Can sleep deprivation cause eye problems?

Is it possible to cause some eye problems because of sleep deprivation? What are they?
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  • Caitlin


    Ok, it seems that you are afraid of the eye problems you might get due to a lack of sleep. But it is true that a lack of sleep would give rise to some eye problems, such as red eyes, an eye strain, or dry eyes, blurred vision etc. Anyway, you have to care about your eye health and I recommend some vitamin pills and a healthier diet to you. Also, the key to those problems is a quality sleep. Good luck.
  • Christian george


    Yes, sleep deprivation can cause eye problems. Sleep deprivation means that people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up too early or has poor sleep quality. When people have sleep deprivation, the most common symptom is fatigue. This is not only happens to body but also eyes. When your eyes are fatigue and do not have a good rest, eyes problems will appear. These problems include frequent infection of eyes, blurred vision and puffy eyes as well. What is more, it will cause mood swings, irritability, anxiety and difficulty concentrating, remembering, learning and interacting socially, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on. So in case of all diseases, you should learn to sleep better and sleep more. You can change your schedule to accommodate your new sleep plan. You should learn how to meet your personal sleep quotient by improving your sleep strategies.
  • Jen.C


    I am very sorry to hear about your problem because i know you encountered the same question with sleep deprivation.Sleep deprivation is bad for our body and we adopt different ways to avoid it.That's because the side effects of sleep deprivation are inclusive and cause disturbance in our daily lives.During the first stage of side effects of sleep deprivation,it won't cause any eye problems.but if you let it go, blurred vision or other vision problems.A for the detailed problems of eyes,it depends on the degree of sleep deprivation.If sleep deprivation continues day by day without remedy,the eye problems will become worse and worse,such as blindness.So, in my opinion,once you feel you are sleep deprivated,go to see your doctor and take a medication.

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