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What are the causes of glaucoma in children?

Glaucoma is common in old people but i have found some children also get glaucoma. What are the causes of glaucoma in children?
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  • Emma


    Glaucoma are common among old people because age is a risk factor of developing glaucoma. However, some children may develop glaucoma due to some factors. The most common factor that make children develop glaucoma is hereditary. Some children get glaucoma due to trauma to the eye. What's more, some types of injuries and surgeries can also make children develop glaucoma. If your child get glaucoma, you should take her or him to see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Jessica


    Most children’s glaucoma is congenital. In the process of embryonic development, the anterior chamber angle has an abnormal development, which result in the discharge of aqueous fluid is blocked, and cause increasing of eye pressure. Approximately 60% children in six months and 80% in 1 year old have symptom.

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