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What foods can increase eye pressure?

My mother has high eye pressure for no reason and I guess it may caused by foods. What foods can increase eye pressure?
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  • giles


    If you get high eye pressure temporarily, there might be no problem with your eyes. But if you suffer long term high eye pressure, your eyes may get damaged if untreated. Some kinds of foods can increase eye pressure which you should pay attention to. One of them is caffeine. If you consume a large amount of caffeine in a short time, your eye pressure may get increased. Drinking a lot of water within a short time like less than 20 minutes may cause eye pressure to increase, too.


    High intraocular pressure is the typical symptom of glaucoma. Some food may have a connection with high eye pressure, such as spicy and excitant food, coffee. When you have a high eye pressure, you should pay more attention on your diet, no smoking, no drinking, no strong tea, you can take honey and water food.
  • evelyn12


    Did your grandma drink wine? Or have some food to hot and spicy? If your grandma has got a high eye pressure, please ask her not to smoke, drink anymore, also please do not drink strong tea and eat too spicy food like pepper, raw onions or other stimulating food, cold food. Keep off stimulating foods anyway.