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Joseph bell


How to spot congenital cataract in early age?

There is a congenital cataract history in my family and i am afraid my baby would get cataract too. Is there any way to spot it in early age?
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  • eddy


    Usually the lens of the eye is very clear. People who are born with a clouding of the lens would be considered as congenital cataracts. Moreover, you can spot congenital cataract in early time by knowing the symptoms. If your prescription often changes or you often see halos around street lamps, candles and even halogen lights, you may suffer congenital cataract. And double vision is also one of the symptoms of congenital cataract.
  • handsdown9871


    First, you should regularly monitor the changes of pupil area, healthy baby’s cornea and lens are transparent, and pupils in both sides are round and have equal side. If you find the pupil area become gloomy, you should raise vigilance. Second, you should always pay attention to the child’s eye movement, healthy baby’s eyes can follow moving object with its eyes, and this movement can be controlled by themselves. You can shake a toy before your child, if your child’s eyes do not follow the toy, or child’s eyes lack of coordination when turning, you should sent your child to the hospital to have a check. Third, when your child sees something, he or she usually use the eye with better vision, which leads to use one eye to see thing. If your child has this problem, you should pay attention to.