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Eric quick


What do artificial tears do?

Yesterday my eye doctor told me to use some artificial tears. What are they used for?
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  • Brandon evelyn


    According to what I know, they are some kind of liquid to provide your some tears so that your dry eyes can get relieved. By the way, do you have dry eyes for the moment? But there is one thing you should know, artificial tears will never help your eyes increase the ability to produce tears. To be frank, it is just a kind of eye drops.
  • eddy


    Well, they aim to inspire your natural tears and sometimes just replace your natural tears for the moment. But what makes people confused is that since there are so many types of artificial tears in the market, so it is hard for people to find what brand of which can be best for your eyes. Some of them can be good to promote the healing of your surface of your eyes and some are just for wetting your eyes. Both of which can be useful, but you still need to choose the suitable ones according to your needs. By the way, do not use it yourself, after all, they are medications, so you need to use it under the guidance of your eye doctor, understand?

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