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How is glaucoma treated?

I know it is kind of hard to answer, but I really need your help, guys.
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  • Jack percy


    To conquer glaucoma, I think the best way should be prevention. You know, when you get glaucoma, you get tunnel vision as well. You can also have your regular glaucoma medication to withold your high eye pressure. On the contrary, if you just ignore it, your eye nerve can be surely damaged and you may even get loss of peripheral vision and even blindness. I am not scaring you, I just want you to pay more attention to it.
  • Paige evelyn


    In terms of this, there are several ways that can treat glaucoma. If you really get this, please do not feel bad. It can be cured. But to begin with, your should know the serious results if you don' t treat glaucoma in time. You may suffer from a loss of vision and this can not be made up easily. However, in such an advanced society, ways such as certain eye drops, laser surgery and some kinds of medications can already cure your glaucoma. But if your glaucoma is already serious, I think these methods can still help to relieve your situation now. Please be confident!

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