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Myra Taylor


What are flash lenses on sunglasses?

What are flash lenses on sunglasses? What can they do?
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  • Jose joyce


    Flash lenses on the sunglasses are just coatings on the lenses. Some of them called them mirrored lenses coating. The flash lenses are not only made for fashion look. They lenses can reduce amount of light entering the eyes. They are suitable to wear in very bright condition to shield the eyes. The mirrored lenses coating can reflect lights far away from the eyes. If you are sensitive to light, then, those flash lenses sunglasses are ideal choices for you. Besides, the lenses can also shield your eyes from glares that reflect from water, snow and ice etc. They are good sunglasses that to shield the eyes.
  • gary


    In fact, the flash lenses are also called mirrored lenses on the sunglasses. The sunglasses lenses are covered with mirror coating so that to provide your eyes better protection. With the coating, the lenses are more durability and abrasion resistance. Besides, the lenses can prevent intensive light come into the eyes so as to give your comfortable vision. In addition, the flash lenses can also prevent eyes from glares. If you want to keep eye health in sunny summer, the flash lenses sunglasses are highly recommended.

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