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Melanie smith


Are sunglasses necessary in winter?

I just saw some people wear sunglasses in winter, are they only wear them for fashion or is it necessary to wear sunglasses in winter?
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  • John Hendry


    Yes. Sunglasses are necessary in winter. Most of people think that sunglasses are important outfit in summer because there are strong and shining sunshine in hot summer. However, seldom people realize that damaging UV rays are much more dangerous in winter than in summer. In winter, especially in snowy day, there are much UV rays and glares around us that can cause damage to the retina. So, it is necessary to wear sunglasses in winter.
  • Otis Crockett


    Yes, it's necessary if you prefer to protect eyes all the year around. The sunglasses are used for decreasing lights from version, especially UV rays. It also become a decoration in daily life. People usually wear sunglasses in summer to prevent UV rays. However, the UV rays also exist in winter, maybe stronger than that of summer. Generally, two types of sunglasses are used in winter. One type has both anti-UV rays and anti-reflecting snow light functions that are used when snowy that can avoid snow-blindness. The other one is used only to anti-UV ray when there is no snow in winter.
  • cowboyfrom666


    Of course, sunglasses are also very necessary in winter. And you may prepare two pairs of sunglasses in winter. One is for preventing snow light reflecting, and another is worn when there is no snow.Snow light reflecting may cause blindness, called snow blindness in medical, so you'd better wear a pair of sunglasses with filtering ultraviolet function to protect your eyes. And there are special winter sunglasses. You may surf the internet to have a look. Anti-UV, radiation protection is necessary at all times whether it is winter or summer.


    Yes, it's necessary for people to wear sunglasses in winter, especially for the people who live in the northern part of the country. Because the climate there is very dusty and windy in winter. And the UV radiation in winter can still damage and dry our skin and eyes. To wear sunglasses may not only protect your eyes from getting hurt by the UV rays and sand, but also make you more fashionable than other people. There are many kinds of the sunglasses. If you want to protect your eyes from UV rays but not to call peoples' attention, I suggest you can add an UV coating on your glasses. That may look good on you.
  • Anome


    Yes, it's also necessary to wear sunglasses in winter. They can not only protect your eyes from UV, but also from cold wind. More attention should be played when you are in snow, because the reflection of the UV could be very harmful to the human eyes, especially to the lens.
  • elen_t


    There are a number of benefits wearing sunglasses necessary in winter, especially in snow days. Because ultraviolet radiation is stronger in snow days, but you still pay attention to the strength of the light, you should not go to the place with very strong light from place with slight light. You should also pay attention to the moderation of wearing sunglasses in winter, because your eyes will be strongly rely on them, and make eye immunity down.


    The answer is obviously yes. Because sunglasses’ main function is to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays damage. But compared with summer, the sun's ultraviolet in winter is more intense, more likely to damage people's eyes, so in order to the health of the eyes, you’d better to buy a pair of sunglasses. And the sunglasses must be good, because the inferior sun glasses could not fully prevent you against ultraviolet ray.

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