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What sunglasses go well with black hair?

I have long black hair. What kind of sunglasses would look good on me? i am a girl
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  • Vidadimir


    Just try on. Black is a easy match color. To be safe, you can wear a pair of black sunglasses that surely match your hair color though it may not make you amazing. Asides from black sunglasses, grey or brown colors of sunglasses are also safe choices to people with black color. If you dare to try some new, you can also try red or pink colored sunglasses that can give a contrast of your hair, thus to flatter you and give you a surprising look.
  • Robert murphy


    It is really hard to say what sunglasses go well with black hair because sunglasses don't have to match your hair perfectly. It should depends on what temperament you have. You can have a look at Lily Allen which is regarded as the fashion icon. A pair of black sunglasses matches her black hair very well.
  • edjuice


    Personally, I think there are a lot of sunglasses that can go well with your black hair. Will you still wear a pair of dark-colored sunglass to match your hair? I suggest you'd better not. Because it would really make you look boring, or even dull. And bright colors are really fashionable this summer, especially some fruit colors like orange and yellow. Therefore, you can wear a pair of bright-colored sunglass to create a mixed dressing style and make yourself look younger and more energetic. Thus, you can have your own dressing style.