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How to wear progressive lens glasses more comfortably?

It is my first time wearing progressive lens glasses but it makes me quite uncomfortable. How can I wear them more comfortably?
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  • crystalwhip


    Since this is the first time you wear progressive lenses glasses, you may need times to adapt the lenses (usually several days). To get comfortable wearing, you shall make sure that the glasses are made according to your prescription. When you wear the glasses, you shall try to not move your head when you want to focus something, but your eyes through the lenses so as to see thing clear.
  • Michelle percy


    To have a comfortable feeling with progressive glasses, you need to get used to it quickly. You may feel dizzy when first wear progressive lens glasses. Making a deliberate effort to train your eyes and brain to adapt by pointing your nose directly at the object you want to focus on can help you get used to it soon.