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Dan Samberg


What are different types of progressive lens glasses?

i just want to know how many different types are there for progressive lens glasses?
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  • Michelle percy


    Progressive lenses are made for people who have both presbyopia and myopia. And there are Standard Progressive Lenses, Short Corridor Progressive Lenses and Computer Progressive Lenses. You can buy them according to your own vision requirements and usages. In details, Standard progressive lenses are made for most people, and fit most budgets. While Short Corridor Progressive Lenses are slight expensive than standard progressive lenses, but the lenses can deal with smaller frames. Besides, there are also Computer Progressive Lenses, also known as near variable focus lenses, are made for use in an office and are intended to provide clear vision at around 16 inches to 6 feet.
  • giles


    The progressive lens is also called no-line bifocals, which is used for correction of presbyopia. Some people prefer progressive lens when asking for a bifocal due to it would provide more functions. Here are four types of progressive lenses. The first one is Standard Progressive Lenses that works for most people. The price range is from 175 to 250 dollars. The second one is Short Corridor Progressive Lenses, which is not easy for most people to adapt it due to the short corridor. It costs 250 to 350 dollars. And the Computer Progressive Lenses is also called Office Lenses, which provides from 16 inches to 6 feet within clear version. And it is suitable for people who use computer for more than 4 hours. It usually takes 150 to 250 dollars. The last one is Premium Progressive Lenses, which provide a wider, distortion-free reading area. It is more expensive than other types, which needs 400 to 800 dollars.
  • Tom Morris


    since there are quite a few manufacturers and each manufacturer has several types of progressives I'd say that there are dozens of progressives. Some are for specific usage needs and others are for certain RX options. These are questions that should be answered by your optical professional. If you can not discuss your needs and wants with your optician (not a commissioned sales person) then maybe you'd better re-think where and how you purchase your eyeglasses. The correct fit of the correct lens for your individual lens is critical to effective use of your eyeglasses. 99% of all difficulties with eyeglasses come from incorrect fit or just the wrong lens for that person's needs. Do yourself a favor and consider the importance of your vision and then decide how much "saving a few bucks" really costs you. See a competent optical professional and get your questions answered according to your individual case. Best of luck!