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Do contacts mess up your eyes?

It is said that contacts can mess up your eyes rather badly, is that true? What can I do to prevent this from happening?
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  • Logan


    Yes, bad habits of wearing contact lenses will mess up your eyes and even make your eyes get infection seriously. If you wear the contact lenses for more than eight hours a day, you could find that your eyes may easily be dry. You could also find that your eyes may be red. Once long time wearing of contact lenses makes your eyes get infection, you should see things in blurry state.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Well, yes, it is true that contact lenses can just mess up eyes in some degree, especially when contact lenses are unclean and infected by some bacteria. Generally speaking, contact lenses are made from plastics, and they can be easily infected by some other bacteria. And then it will just make your eyes infected too. And in that way, your eyes may suffer from double vision, and blurry vision. Also, we can say that contact lenses just mess up your eyes. So to avoid this, you just need to keep your contacts clean, and far from some allergies. Also, do not wear contact lenses which are out of using time, or it will just make your situation serious.
  • Logan hall


    Yes, it can be a disaster if you buy them at a very low price or do not wear them obey the instructions. At first, the material of the contacts must allow more oxygen through in order to make you feel comfortable for a day long. In case of poor quality of contacts can make your eyes feel irritated or even break in your eyes when your pupils move. As a result, you may suffer eyeball damages. Secondly, the the inproper location of the contacts have a very negative impact because it tends to slide or rip when you blink your eyes. what is worse than that, if you do not wash your hands thoroughly, the bacteria and viruses in your tips will definitely flood into your sensitive parts of your eyes causing allergic reactions like itchy eyes. Well, contacts are my daily items and I always pay attention to empty the luquid in the lenses case after each use and wash my hands by soap before I touch the contacts. See more details on your contact lens care instructions.

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