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Diane Bradstock


How long does it take for hyphema to heal?

I was diagnosed with hyphema yesterday. I don' t know if whether it is serious or not, but I still want to know how long it takes for me to recover.
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  • big john


    The common cause of hyphema is trauma. Bleeding can be found in the front of your eye and pain and blurred vision may also be noticed. If your eye has been hit badly and it looks as if filled with blood, you then have a large hyphema. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible for the trauma may have caused other damages in your eye. The bleeding may continue in a few days, medical treatment should be taking to control the bleeding. The recovery will depend on how serous it is. Don't stay at home and try treat it by your self.
  • Diane Bradstock


    It is so sad for you to get the hyphema yesterday. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes to see whether it is serious. If it is not serious, you could just use the medical care to treat it and get the full recovery within two weeks. If it is serious, the treatment time is depended on the serious degree. You should take high notice of it and go to see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • etje


    Hyphema is a medical emergency. The bloodshot or the amount of bleeding in eye can help with determining your condition is lightly or not. Some may just feel pain in eye, while others may get blurry vision. So you should call your ophthalmologist for an immediate appointment. You may be fine in one week or 10m days if you do as your ophthalmologist told you.

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