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Benjamin gary


How to make hazel eyes stand out naturally?

I have hazel eyes and i am looking for natural ways to make my eyes stand out and pop out? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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  • Elijah


    In order to stand out your hazel eyes, you had better stay away from blue-related decoration, including shadows and clothes. And you should pick neutral tones of eye shadow, such as brown, purple. On the other side, you can try a red lipstick to make hazel eyes sparkle, or a red or rose lip gloss can make more sheer look. Maybe some red highlights in your hair is a better choice. For your warderobe, you can pick some purple clothes with some gold, brown colored decoration.
  • Mariah


    If you want to make your eyes stand out and pop out in a natural way, you may wear the colored contact lenses. I think the dark black contact lenses may suit you most which may cover the original hazel color. In addition, you should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • David garcia


    If you to beautify your hazel eyes, you can try to buy some colored contact lenses. If you have perfect vision, there are non-prescription contact lenses that only enhance your look and won't affect your vision. If you have poor vision, you can buy colored contact lenses with prescription to help you achieve both good look and provide you vision aids. Good luck.

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