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Does crying make your eyelashes fall out?

I just want to clean my watery eyes because of crying. But i got eyelashes on the soft paper. So, I just want to know if crying make the eyelashes fall out?
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  • Me2


    If this were true, there would be a lot of babies with bald eyelids! Get the facts right!
  • Me


    No, crying DOES NOT make your eyelashes fall out!
  • anonymous


  • Andrea


    Hello, actually crying itself and the tears will not make your eyelashes fall out, but if you wipe the tears constantly, your eyelashes can be wiped to fall out. So just be gently when you do that, as well as furling your lashes and wearing mascara. They can grow back on their own, and if you use some olive oil, the process is faster.
  • castro_jan


    According to the research, eyelashes falling out is a nuisance that everyone will confront, which is just like the hair falls. As we all know, there are many kinds of reasons that can cause your eyelashes fall out, for instance, the makeup can make your eyelashes fall out abnormally and so does the vitamin deficient. Nevertheless, crying will not make your beautiful eyelashes fall out according to the professional experts. However, there is a problem you should keep in mind, and after crying if you use your hands to rub your eyes, which will cause your eyelashes fall out. Also, you can do something to release the problem that your eyelashes often fall out. The most important is that you should not make the makeup, especially the eye makeup, stay over night on you. Then, you can use the eye cream usually so that your eyelids and the area under your eyes moisturized. Good Luck.
  • Curtis


    Visit for the correct answer.
  • bobby


  • crystalise34


    Yes, crying will make the eyelashes fall out because the tear glands system works in disorder. The root of the eyelashes will be affected. That is why they easily fall out. You could use the vitamin E to adopt on the eyelashes which could help you develop fast at the eyelashes. You could have a try. It is really workable.

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