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Are ski goggles necessary?

I see most of people wear goggles when ski. And i am going to learn ski. So, i just want to know if it is necessary?
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  • Savannah percy


    Yes ski goggles are quite necessary for skiers. Most of the eye injuries happens from skiing or snowboarding for without good ski goggles protection or no eyewear at all. A good pair of ski goggles will will provide you better vision on the snow, block light reflects and glare of the snow, protect your eyes from the powerful sun rays. Therefore, ski goggles are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who want to try the winter sports. However, how to find a good and high quality goggles are also important. Frame Material: Choose a plastic frame ski goggle. Plastic frames better than brittle metal materials in the cold. UV Protection: choose the goggle with UV protections for UV concentrations increase as altitude increase.Therefore, UV protection is a must. Polycarbonate Lenses: choose the type of lens with great resistance, which will not form foggy than other lenses. Finally, I hope these would be helpful.
  • Andrew bell


    Yes, it is very necessary since ski goggles help protect your eyes from UV rays from the sun, and if you wear ski goggles, you can also protect your eyes from branches of trees, rocks and cold winds. What's more, you can see very clearly in some bad weather. And it is also very fashionable. So, try them when you go skiing!
  • Benjamin gary


    Yes, wearing ski goggles is so necessary for you when you go skiing. As we know, if you don't wear anything to protect your eyes from the white snow ground, you may get snow blindness which is a very serious eye problem. That is why you have to wear the goggles with polarized function to protect the eyes.