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Jose joyce


How to tell difference between pink eye and sinus infection ?

I often confused by pink eyes and sinus infection. Can anyone explain it to me? What their differences?
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  • Jessica Stevenson


    Although the pink eyes and sinus infection both have the symptom of redness of the eyes, you could still make the difference between them. The pink eyes will be contagious. That is to say, it could be infected to other people around you. However the sinus infection will not. You should treat both in the careful way. You need to have the good rest whatever the one you get. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom.


    Well, generally speaking, pink eye is called conjunctivitis. According to the researches, a wide range of bacteria, viruses, irritants, and toxic agents, as well as to underlying diseases within the body can be the causes. But sinus infection is an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages. And in common, a sinus infection can cause a headache or pressure in the eyes. Also, redness in the eyes can be possible.
  • Allison walker


    They are totally different. Pink eye is the inflammation of eyes, possibly caused by bacterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. The symptoms of pink eye include increased sensitivity to light, pain in eyes, redness, dryness and grittiness. Sinus infection refers to infection and inflammation of nasal passage and sinus cavity. Sinus infection is usually caused by bacteria, with runny nose, sore throat, bad breath, nasal congestion and thick secretion in nasal cavity. You can see there are many differences of pink eye and sinus infection. Warm compress is a very good home remedy for pink eye caused by bacterial and viral infections. As to sinus infection, you could buy a nose washer over-the-counter to wash the thick secretion. Keeping nasal passage clean and open is helpful for sinus infection.