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Barbara Mellon


Does hyperthyroidism cause bulging eyes?

Can hyperthyroidism cause bulging eyes? If so, how can i remove the bulging eyes?
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  • Nathan harris


    hyperthyroidism is one of the most complicated problems that we might suffer and it could give rise to a lot of problems including eye problems, because of abnormal produce of thyroid hormone. Anyway, once got that disease, you should immediately head to the hospital for treatment, and prepare for long term treatment, try to pay attention to your health.
  • griffin


    Yes, the hyperthyroidism may cause the bulging eyes. Hyperthyroidism is caused by many factors of thyroid hormone hypersecretion of a common clinical endocrine disease. The metabolic rate will increase. The neural excitability increase as the main performance of the syndrome common symptom is wasting food. The hot hyperhidrosis palpitation will get excited which is often in thyroid enlargement features. Many patients with diffuse thyroid enlargement with different degree are diffuse in thyroid nodular or mixed enlargement. At the same time, a variety of organs, tissue lesions and too much thyroid hormone effects on the body will cause a series of pathophysiological changes. You could use the medical care to remove your bulging eyes. You could also use the warm compress to make your bulging eyes get released to some degree.
  • Jose joyce


    Well, yes, it can lead to bulging eyes. Generally speaking, bulging eyes are named as Proptosis, or exophthalmos, and it is the bulging out of one or both bilateral of the eyes. And there are many causes which can lead to bulging eyes. For example, Hyperthyroidism, especially Hyperthyroidism caused by medications for other conditions can be the reasons. Also,Glaucoma , Graves Disease, Hemangioma, Histiocytosis can cause it too. To treat it, you may need to have some conversation with your eye doctor, maybe the surgery is necessary.

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