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Eric quick


Where can i buy round glasses like whoopi goldberg?

I am looking for round glasses like what whoopi goldberg wears. Can you tell me where can i find such glasses now?
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  • Zachary eddy


    The round glasses whoopi goldberg wears are so fashionable and creative. If you have the long shape face or you have the pointed chin, you could take this type into consideration. There are many similar types in the online stores which you could check it easily by typing the round glasses in the text box. You could go to the amazon to have a look because there are many designer glasses with creative design.
  • Falcon


    Ok, I can see that you are very interested in that woman. So, as you can see what she wears is just called metal round glasses which is quite popular and commonly seen in the world. You could get them at a lot of places, such as Walmart online store, or Alibaba, where you could have more options and better offers, and better prices.Just have a look.
  • Christopher dale


    Well, many famous people are fans of round eyeglasses, such as Analysts Freud, Jung and Adler all wore round spectacles. Whoopi Goldberg is an American comedian, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, author and talk show host. She always likes to wear black eyewear Chico B, which is a great brand of designer glasses & sunglasses. The original vintage designs from the 40s, 50 & 60s are the key to success for black eyewear. So we can see these classical glasses in many films, for instance, Harry Potter and Some Like It Hot. By the way, walmart is also a good place to buy round glasses like whoopi Goldberg wears.
  • Zoe


    I suppose there r a lot of places for u to get glasses like whoopi goldberg.U might as well go to ebay,amazon and framedirect.I think all of these can be quite a good choice for u.I especially recommend amazon to u.I trust its fame and its quality.No matter u believe this or not.I can assure u that this is really a good place to go.I not only buy glasses but also a lot of other things on this amazing site.
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