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Can I use eye drops to clean contacts?

I just run out of my contact lenses solution. Can i use my eye drops to clean my contact lenses temporarily? Or it is bad to my contact lenses?
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  • lampo


    Well, it seems that you have a short supply of your solution. So, as you can see, contacts solution is indispensable to the keep of contact lenses. And it seems that you have no contacts solution for the time being. Actually, it would be ok if you try to wash and clean your contacts on a temporary basis because eye drops serve to disinfect and keep our eyes safe. However, you should not continue to do this because that is costly and damaging to your contact lenses.
  • elizabeth_starz


    Firstly, it is not harmful to your contact lenses if you use your eye drops to clean your contact lenses temporarily instead of contact lenses solution. However, as far as i am concerned, it better for you not use eye drops, which might not have marked influence on your contact lenses. Because contact solution are designed to keep the contact lenses moist, help clean the contact lenses and kill the bacteria on the lenses. While eye drops can only help keep the lenses moist, but they won't help clean the lenses or have no function to kill the bacteria. Therefore, you'd better clean your contact lenses with professional cleanout fluid aimed at contact lenses as soon as possible in consideration for your eyes. Thanks for consulting.
  • Anna


    The common solution could get rid of the protein which is on the surface of the contact lenses. However the eye drops are used to get the eyes to be moisture and get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. You'd better not use the eye drops to soap the contact lenses. You could use the distilled water to clean the contact lenses if you have no choice.

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