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Marissa edward


Is argan oil good for dark circles under my eyes?

What benefit can i get from argan oil? Is argan oil good for dark circles under my eyes?
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  • handy82


    Yes, it can be good for the dark circles under the eyes. The argan oil can moisture your skin which may activate the deep skin around your eyes. The dark circles under the eyes are caused by the lack of sleep, deficiency of kidney, unsmooth blood circulation and so on. The argan oil can to some degree release the dark circles of the eyes.
  • Anna


    The reason of dark circle under your eyes may be congestion of blood capillary around your eyes. Frequently stay up late, emotional instability, eyes fatigue and aging will induce the circulation of blood slowing down, the erythrocyte (red cell)’s oxygen supply reduce, the carbon dioxide and metabolic waste accumulation, the blood around your eyes lack of oxygen, the blood congest and pigmentation of eyes blood will be happen. Enough sleep and relax will far beyond many nursing care for your eyes to recovery. Vitamin C/A/E and carotene will be helpful supplement to your eyes. Eyes massage and mild hot compress will also helpful. However, any essential oil would not be good to apply on your eyes. The argan oil’s main function is to diminish inflammation and sterilization. The skin around the eyes is very subtle and sensitive, the essential oil will form fat granule and put overload to the skin around eyes. If you really want something to use, special eye cream will be recommended. You know the skin in your eyes is very subtle, tender and sensitive, so it needs the care look after. You may use make up to hide black eye, but the skin care product must be the one without stimulation and natural. You would better not to use any oil to form fat granule and put overload to the skin around eyes.
  • Emma Clark


    Yes, argan oil is best for eyes. It remove eyes problems, dark circles, eye wrinkles and many more. It moisturizing the skin near the eyes. Argan oil is purely organic therefor it increase texture and elasticity of the skin. I also using argan oil under eyes. And many sites has listed specially argan oil for eyes like . I bought from here. You should try this, surely you will like it. Thanks.
  • Angela tuener


    Yes, argan oil is good for dark circles under our eyes, and it is because of one of its most important components -- alpha tocopherol which is basically natural Vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant at the same time. It also has anti-inflammatory effect. So argan oil can help skin cell renewal and protect us from wrinkling and aging problems especially in the eye area including dark circle problems. As for other benefits of argan oil: 1. It is good and effective to be used for dry, brittle, frizzy hair since it can penetrate the follicles, roots, and scalp of the hair. 2. It helps our nails grow healthily with a good looking color and a smoother nail surface.
  • jo


    is argan oil good for puffy eyes