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Anthony cecil


Where can i get vintage horn-rimmed glasses at cheap prices ?

My father likes vintage horn rimmed glasses. So, i want to buy a pair to him. Can you tell me where can i buy such horn rimmed glasses with less amount of money?
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  • Jordyn carter


    Do you know the prescription of your father's eyes? After you know, you can go to the online store and have a search, which may save your energy of going around to the eyeglasses stores to have a look. You can go to the Walmart online store to have a look. The price there is relatively suitable.
  • Caroline hill


    If you want to get vintage horn rimmed glasses at cheap prices, online shops are good chooses. Now, horn rimmed glasses are no longer made from real horn or shell from animals. They are made of plastic so that you can get it at cheap prices. As far as i could know, is a good place to buy eyeglasses including horn rimmed glasses if you want to save money. And their eyeglasses are also made in good quality.
  • alva


    Original horn-rimmed glasses are made of horn or tortoise shell. So they are not cheap. But later, a thick plastics was designed to replace those materials in order to decrease the cost. Compared with metal frames, horn frame is featured by its simplicity. However, it is prone to break as you attempt to install lenses. As for less money for horn-rimmed glasses, online shopping has been proved effective every time. You can go to the optical store with your father. And ask him to try different styles. Remember the brand and article no of a glasses that is your father favorite. And log on ebay, where the price is lower. But be careful there would be fakes. Do not buy that price is too lower. And when you get the glasses, have the shop assistant distinguished.