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Kevin lee


What are best lenses materials for progressive glasses?

I plan to buy progressive glasses to replace my old bifocal eyeglasses. Can anyone tell me what are the best lenses materials for progressive glasses? Your answer is appreciated.
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  • elmo01


    As far as i know, progressive glasses lenses are made from plastic materials. But you needn't worry, the plastic materials are also durable and have good transparency to meet your eyes. If you plan to buy progressive glasses, you shall pay more attention to the frames choices than lenses materials. Do remember to buy big eye glasses frames for your progressive lenses.
  • garcia


    progressive glasses are such a good item to offer multiple vision aids. In my own opinion, you should pick the one with the light weight which may make you wear comfortable. And the resin progressive eyeglasses may be the best choice. you can choose titanium eyeglasses frames for your glasses because they are quite flexible and durable, although they cost more than other glasses frames.
  • Adam tuener


    First I should tell you that there is no certain answer to your question. Because it depends on different people and their different needs. Also it is closely related to age and to a lesser extent, existing prescription.For example, glass lenses are not ideal for strong prescriptions because they can already be too heavy. In the same way, if the lens' weight is already a given, the frame material should be lighter for comfort.
  • Tom Morris


    Progressive lenses come in a variety of different materials. Plastic for standard rx's polycarbonate for safety and mid range rx's and high index for heavier rx's. the rx should help determine what type of bifocal and what material you should use and what kind of frame you use..... A competent Optician (not a commisioned sales person) should be able to clarify these questions. I mean, My God...It's your eyes. Would you go into a drug store and ask the 18 year old cash register jockey what you should take to help your heart condition?? Go find an experienced (Guild or A.B.O certified optician) and actually get what would be best for you.

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