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Miranda hall


Who started the nerd glasses trend in the NBA?

I see many NBA players wear nerd glasses. Why? Who started the nerd glasses trend in the NBA?
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  • Charley


    Yeah, the NBA has brought the fashion trend of wearing the nerd glasses. However, about who is the first one to raise this trend, it is difficult to say. Westbrook says in the interview that he wears the nerd glasses at the earliest time in NBA. And now they tend to wear the eyeglasses with no lenses.
  • elderoo


    Well, it is hard to say who started the trend. Actually, this is also a matter of heated dispute. Westbrook, whose flamboyant fashion sense puts him in a class of his own, claims that he started the trend upon entering the league in 2008. As he said, everybody else just started wearing them now. But other members just disagreed with him. From a deeper historical perspective, many stars thought that not someone started the trend; it just goes and is a boom. So I can not tell you a real answer. But I think who started the trend is not a big deal. If you want to have a try, just go and buy ones.