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Christina nelson


Are computer privacy screens bad for your eyes?

I heard that computer privacy screen could be bad for your eyes, is that true? What side effects can computer privacy have on you? Do you know the details?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    As far as I know, the computer privacy screen won't cause damages to your eyes. The screen is designed to protect your information on the screen from prying eyes. Of course, when use it, you still need take a regular break to keep eye health. If you spend long time to stare at the screen, it will cause eye strain. And put a computer privacy screen can also protect your eyes from screen glare. Today, most computer privacy screen is made with anti glare coatings. So, you can get comfortable vision through the screen.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Yes, computer privacy screen is bad for eyes because of the not suitable bright degree of the screen. If you stare at the screen for a long time, your eyes may get tired easily. Your eyes nerves will be intense for that moment which will arouse a lot of eye pressure. You should take notice of it. In addition, your eyes may get radiated form the privacy screen, too. You should better take care of your eyes. You' d better choose to wear the computer goggles in front of the computer which could reduce the radiation for your eyes. However you should stare at it for a long time which could cause the damage on the eyes. You may get short sighted easily. If you have already short sighted, your prescription will be increased too. You need to take notice of this point.
  • Angelica christian


    There is no denying that computer privacy screen could be bad for eyes after you stare at it for a long time. Because when you stare at a computer, your eyes moves between screen and keyboard, with the frequent change of the brightness and distance between your eyes and the screen, your eyes can feel fatigue and discomfort, gradually, your vision decreases. In addition, you blink your eyes less and the tear duct secretes less oil to moisture and to lubricate your eyes when staring at a computer screen, as a result, you are likely to develop dry eyes. In some serious cases, some even develop keratitis or conjunctivitis as a result of spending too much time on a computer privacy screen. I suggest you adjust the computer screen to 10-20 centimeters below your eyes. To avoid reflection and blurry, you should not use computer in a bright environment and beside the window. Blink your eyes frequently when you use computer and rest 15 minutes after exposing your eyes to the screen for one hour.
  • evelyn


    Yes, in some cases the computer privacy screen is bad to a certin extent for your eyes. This is because that mast of the computer privacy screens are just designed to protect your private information on your computer from someone esle. However, the luminance intensity may not be appropriate for your vision without adjustion. In this case, the computer privacy screen will do harm to your eyes if you keep staring at it. Then it is quite easy for your eyes to feel eye strain, dry and fatigue eyes, and some other eye problems. Therefore, to avoid the damage of the computer privacy screen, you should not stay in front of the computer even when the privacy screen is working on. You had better take the opportunity to have a break, do some eye exercises, watch distant objects, or wash clean your face and eyes.
  • Tavo


    Is there a study I can refer to about the problems that privacy screen caused to your eyes. Need more scientific documentation.