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Can wearing stronger prescription glasses make your vision worse?

I just wonder what will happen if I wear stronger prescription eyeglasses than my actual prescription. Will it make my vision worse?
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  • b3a2b3y


    Your brain learns to adapt to the images it is given , even though the lenses are too strong,the brain will decipher the images anyway and do it's best to provide some comfort. Although the vision will never be as clear as it should be. If the over corrected glasses were left off for a couple of weeks, the brain would learn to decipher the images again with the proper correction and visual acuity would improve. So, wouldn't make the vision actually worse , but it would seem that way for several days, or even weeks until the brain re-adapts to the correct power your eyesight is unlikely to get as bad as the glasses you wear, but the trick is is to always "stay ahead" slightly so that your eyes can accommodate the stronger lens, allowing you to see OK. This causes greater dependence on the stronger lens, which makes your sight worse over time.
  • Cameron smith


    Of course, it will make your vision become bad. As we all know, our eyes can just bear the suitable prescription glasses. If you exam your vision, you'd better wear the custom-made prescription glasses. If you wear the stronger prescription glasses, your eyes will feel uncomfortable. The best way to protect your vision and your eyes is that you wear the lower prescription glasses.
  • Reinier Bakels


    Sorry, but most of the above answers are wrong IMHO. If you wear too strong minus glasses, it effectively makes you far-sighted, with the typical symptoms: it makes looking in the distance more tiresome since your eyes have to accomodate, and it may make reading impossible. If you wear too strong plus glasses, you won't be able to see in the distance. These things can not be corrected by the brain, since the brain can only handle what is on your retina, and if it is unsharp, information is missing. If you could get used to wearing too strong glasses, near- and far-sightedness could be cured, which is not the case, unfortunately. For farsigtedness, a distinction must be made between on the one hand juvenile farsigtedness which is caused by the geometry of the eye (too short or too flat), like nearsigtedness is caused by an eye that is too long - and on the other hand the farsigtedness of elder people, caused by an increasing inability to accomodate. Perhaps training can play a role here - or conversely, the lack of training due to too strong glasses.
    Finally, young children usually are slightly farsighted, which is easily compensated by their strong ability to accomodate. This farsightedness disappears as they eyes grow. Strong farsighted young children will likewise observe a reduction in farsigntedness. It has been suggested that wearing glasses may impair this process, and keep children farsighted that otherwise would no longer have needed glasses when they get older. Animal experiments did not confirm this hypothesis. Furthermore, uncorrected strong farsightedness may cause problems that are far worse, like squiting and a lazy eye. A lazy eye is disconnected by the brain, so to say, so glasses correction wil not help if the lazyness has become irreversible.
  • Carlos quick


    We should pay attention to using our eyes when we got myopia ,and if we wear glasses timely,it can treat and control the myopic development.But if not wearing glasses when you have got myopia, fuzzy retinal images can speed up the development of myopia. If wearing a pair of the right frame glasses,it can make the fuzzy retinal images more clear.In some degree,wearing glasses can bring convenience to you work and life. But there are still some people wondering why wore glasses making their vision more worse? The reasons may be as follows: 1.Although someone is wearing glasses,but he still doesn't pay attention to eye health, after a long time eye fatigue,the myopic degree increase. 2. The potential eye disease cause eyesight drops temporarily, but someone mistakenly think that because of wearing prescription eyeglasses make visual fell sharply. 3. The wrong optometry degree. 4. Don't correct distinguish the true or false myopia. 5. The poor quality of glasses. Therefore, wearing glasses timely,not only make vision worse, on the contrary, it can protect your eyes, improve eyesight.
  • Makayla raphael


    I think will. Because the function of the glasses is to reduce eyes muscles' pressure, in order to the purpose of watching the same distance. The stronger prescription glasses compared with moderate prescription glasses, can reduce more eyes muscles' change when you see things from a distance. As time passes, eyes muscles' adjustment ability drops, and your eyes muscles produce a kind of inert. That is to say the eyes have been used to stronger prescription glasses, when you put on moderate prescription glasses, your eyes self adjusting function is not so strong like before. But generally speaking, when people are elder than 18 years old, the eyes muscle adjustment degree basically all fixes. Though wearing stronger prescription glasses after period of time, your eyes can be restored to the right degree after recuperating and exercise through a period of time.

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