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Do you think men in round glasses fusty or stylish?

I am not sure if i should wear these round glasses. Do you think men in round glasses fusty or stylish?
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  • ebarnes1621


    It depends which type of person you are. If you are rock young adult or young boy, you may not suitable to wear round glasses. Maybe some nerdy glasses or wayfarer will fit for you. But if you are artistic or mature men, round glasses will enhance your look and make you look more knowledgeable and smart. So, just try it on and look at mirror to see if it look good on you.
  • Jack taylor


    A lot of men are concerned about their look in public,this includes what kind of glasses they wear on a daily basis. Women usually tend to believe that men, no matter how they look, look good in glasses. However, if these glasses are round and make your eyeballs look like you are seeing through the bottom of a glass bottle, then it is not a good thing. There are a few things that men need to consider before wearing a pair of round glasses, if it fit with your face ,you can have a try.
  • hand_and_soul


    If you want to have a retro style, you can choose round glasses, because round glasses are always a representative of retro trend, just like the glasses which worn by Harry Potter. If you have a right match, round glasses can not seem stiff, but bring a nostalgic and classic atmosphere. So you can choose the suitable style according to your own personality.
  • Brandon evelyn


    Frankly speaking, it is hard to figure out men in round glasses fusty or stylish except knowing your face. But there are some tips about different faces and glasses you can have a look. Square face should not wear glasses with angular, but glasses with thinner frames and rectangle or long elliptic lens. People with long or narrow face should avoid glasses similar with their faces, such as narrow on the upper and down frames or thin and long glasses. If you have a round face, you should not wear round glasses anymore, it may make you looks rounder and rounder. Wide face is not fit with round, oval or small glasses. And glasses with wide, square or angular glasses will be better. Lozenge faces are also fit with round or oval glasses. Look in the mirror and make sure what kind is your face and what kind of feeling you want to present yourself, you'll find whether round glasses are fit for you.
  • walker67


    Absolutely, it depends on yourself. If you like fashionable things, such as the newest hair style and the modernized clothing, then you can choose the stylish glasses. But if you are a person who likes the nostalgic memories, such the antique and the ancient collections, then you can choose the fusty glasses. What's more, no matter what kind of person you are, you must choose a pair of glasses which will make you feel confidence and relax.
  • David


    This is a very funny question, man. Well, its hard to tell, its your personal choice and habit. Some like to wear, while others don't. Take it easy, if you need one, then have a try. Sometimes, men with glasses, whether real one or not, can make you look gentle and erodite. Good day.
  • Zoe


    It depends on personality and his clothes styles. Some people may look handsome and stylish with round glasses such as harry potter. But some people may look fusty and nerdy thought round eyeglasses are popular in those years. Besides, the design of the round eyeglasses are also the factor that affect wearers' appearance. If you want o know if round glasses look good on you, you shall check it by try a pair of round glasses.
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  • neet


    Do whatever makes you happy bro. I love round glasses! Peace