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Can i wear unopened expired contact lenses?

I bought some contact lens over a year ago and now they are expired. But they have never been opened. Can I still wear them?
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  • Christian


    if you find your contact lenses are expired, you'd better not wear them. That because there are no preservatives inside the cases. And they only keep them. Eyes are important to us, i don't think it is worthy to risk our eye health of wearing unopened expired contact lenses. If you really like contact lenses, you shall buy another new one. Or if you want to save money, you can choose framed eyeglasses that won't expired like contact lenses.
  • Ghassan S.


    No. You can't wear expired contact lenses even if they are unopened. Usually there is a expired date on the contacts box, which means that you can't wear them longer than the expired date. Contact lenses that are expired can develop bacteria easily. And the contact lens solution lose the ability to disinfect the lenses after the expired date. Once you wear the expired contact lenses, you are easy to get eye infection and some other eye problems.