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How do the golf glasses to find ball work?

I just spot these golf ball finder glasses on Ebay and i wonder how they work to find the lost ball quickly?
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  • golf ball finder glasses


    I wrote a quick blog article on the golf ball finder glasses if you're interested?
  • David cook


    As we all know, the background of the golf course is made up of browns, greens, and blacks which are reflected from dirt, grass, bushes, twigs, etc. The golf glasses are designed with special blue filters which can eliminate light reflecting off grass and the dark objects of the underbrush, thus make the white golf ball visible. So you can find the ball easily if you wear golf glasses when playing golf.
  • Eric quick


    Golf glasses are usually made with polarized lenses. Wearing golf glasses, it helps reduces strong light and eliminates the light from background objects, thus to lets the golfer quickly locate their wayward ball in the rough or underbrush. So, wearing golf glasses when you play golf are not just for cool look and eye protection, it can also help you find the balls quickly and do better in the games.

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