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What are the good brands of sunglasses for golf?

What are some good brands of sunglasses for golf? I was thinking of getting a pair of Oakleys. Do you have other recommendation?
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  • Daniel christian


    The best golf sunglasses should be wrap around in order to protect the eyes in case the dirt, sand, wind get into the eyes. Of course, the best sunglasses for golf should have UV protection to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Because golf is an outdoor sport. Sunglasses for golf are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear, neither too tight nor too loose. In addition, copper-colored polarized lenses of the golf sunglasses can help read the depth of greens. Therefore, I think Oakleys and Kaenons are the best brands of sunglasses for golf.
  • Ali


    When it refers to choose sunglasses for some sports activities, Oakley sunglasses are good choices. Oakley , the big famous brands for in specialty in sports sunglasses, is also a good brand for golf sunglasses. Now that you thinking of getting a pair of Oakleys, why hesitating? According to my experiences, the Oakley Flak Jacket w/polarized lensesis a great choices for eye protection, fishing and playing golf etc. You can just have try.